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At Five & Hoek we value community, relationships, and how great coffee can bring the two together. Whether it be a coffee bean subscription, one of our current organic coffees, or swinging by the shop for a delicious latte or organic smoothie, you're supporting our little family & other families impacted by F&H, from coffee producing partners to our beloved staff you see on each visit. Thanks for being part of our community!

Coffee Bean Subscriptions shipped right to your doorstep. We source the highest quality direct trade coffee in the world. This coffee image sets you up with our subscription service. Organic and direct trade coffee shipped daily to you.

Five & Hoek at Home

Get a delicious specialty coffee subscription today or send a coffee bean gift subscription to a friend and get our recent releases shipped right to your doorstep. Click below to enjoy Five & Hoek coffee beans in the comfort of your home.


"The "death before decaf" mantra of third-wave purists is abelist nonsense. Exceptionally delicious coffee should be available to everyone, and if (this coffee) is any indication, Five & Hoek is making sure that happens."
"Five and Hoek is providing organic decaf coffee that doesn’t have to compromise on taste for you to be able to sleep tonight."
If supporting small businesses with skilled and genuinely good, authentic people behind the decision-making is a worthwhile task in your opinion... then our family highly recommends making Five & Hoek part of your life. You will not be disappointed. Ever.
The vibrant and robust single origin coffees at Five & Hoek have always been my go to for morning pour overs, and with these new decaf roasts & blends I cannot wait to drink F&H with friends and family all day long!
As someone who has recently had to cut back on caffeine, finding a decaf coffee that doesn't feel like a compromise is important! Five & Hoek is creating quality coffee for all to enjoy!