Knoxville Coffee

Welcome to our Knoxville coffee shop. We invite you to step into our space and experience more than just a cup of coffee – discover a place where connections thrive and moments of peace are savored over delicious handcrafted beverages. Every menu item is made in-house, reflecting our dedication to quality and attention to detail. With a decade of expertise, we curate our coffee and tea menus seasonally, ensuring every selection is made with intention and precision.

The first Friday of every month we host a public cupping where you can experience coffee in a new way! learn what you like and don't like about different coffees from us and others around the world! Sign up below

Knoxville Cafe interior with tables chairs and photos of Knoxville and Chicago on a brick wall

Coffee in the Old City

Our coffee shop and coffee roasting space is located in the historic Old City, at the corner of Ogden & West Magnolia. Stop in for a visit 7-3 on weekdays and 8-3 on weekends. Free street parking is located on Ogden, Magnolia and an entire lot of free parking across the street under I40.


At Five & Hoek, we're committed to serving coffee that's responsibly sourced, roasted to perfection, and enjoyed in a serene setting. We also strive to extend this focus & experience beyond coffee, offering a full brunch menu daily in collaboration with our good friends from Simpl Kitchen.