Coffee Subscriptions

Never forget coffee at the store again! Five & Hoek coffee subscriptions are as easy as pick, click, and watch specialty coffee show up at your doorstep. We send a rotation of our current favorites, whether you are an ongoing subscriber or sending that perfect coffee gift to a friend! We rotate coffees seasonally and often feature direct trade coffee offerings.

Rows and rows of 12 oz. coffee bags ready to be shipped to our new subscribers. Our roasters, Ismael and Tyler select their favorite coffees to send you as little as Monthly or as often as weekly to your doorstep.

Create Account

Please create an Five & Hoek account prior to ordering by clicking the "Create Account" button below.

Click "New Customer, Sign up for an account," located just below the sign in button. Once you've signed up and confirmed you're not a robot, you have successfully created an account. 

Now pick your favorite subscription option as described in the next section just to your right.


Select from a variety of ongoing coffee subscriptions or gift subscriptions to send a friend for a designated amount of time!

Vacation for a few weeks? No worries, just Adjust your orders accordingly by logging in to your account and select "Manage My Subscription" located below your name on the account page.

Having trouble? click the link below and we will work with you to situate any subscription needs you have!

Gift Subscriptions

The gift that keeps on giving. By selecting a gift subscription you can send coffee to those who deserve a gift over and over again. We have multiple size and duration options, as well as the option to ship whole bean or ground for whatever way your giftee needs.