Five & Hoek owners Tyler, Beth and kids standing in front of our coffee shop and roasters located in Wheaton Illinois at 112B N Main St. Find us down the Alleyway for direct trade coffee, organic offerings and organic meal replacement smoothies!

Who We Are

This is our little family and we are the owners behind Five & Hoek Coffee Co. It's a family owned and operated business and we're raising our two cute children in a coffee shop, Judah & Erinn. 

Since 2013 we have been growing in our coffee knowledge, experience, and growing as a family too! Judah and Erinn love visiting the coffee shop often and if you ask Judah, He'll tell you all we do is make delicious coffee & treats!

What We Do

We roast coffee that is ethically sourced, carefully sampled and curated by our QC team, and served with love. We do this by bringing in multiple samples at a time, often direct trade coffee and organic coffee, then we taste through them thoroughly using a cupping process with our QC team before selecting which coffees you will enjoy most!

When you purchase from Five & Hoek Coffee you can know that you are purchasing coffee that is handled properly, with care and intentionality from start to finish, or better yet, from farm to cup.

rows upon rows of our standard 12 oz. coffee bags ready to go out into the wild. Exceptional decaf, ethically sourced direct trade coffee, organic coffee roasted on site at our locations in Wheaton IL and Knoxville TN.
Jose Blas drying his coffee before shipping it to us at Five & Hoek Coffee Co. We have partnered with Blas since 2016

Why We Do It

Since we started this company in 2010 we have always had three core values: Coffee, connection, and community. We have always focused on doing our best to provide great coffee & connect with community.

We exist to partner with producers growing amazing coffee, and sharing that beautiful product with you! If we weren't able to share what we love with you, then we would not be doing this! We are excited to have you alongside us in this journey of coffee, relationships, and community.