Papua New Guinea Bunum Wo


Benchmark Coffee Traders distributes top grade relationship coffees from Papua New Guinea. We have direct ties with coffee producers in Papua New Guinea and we work closely with these producers to bring their beautiful green coffees to specialty coffee roasters in America. To learn more about our friends at Benchmark click here!

The Kula Processing method is comprised of raised-bed drying, two rounds of color sorting, and two rounds of hand sorting. This results in a total of six stages of sorting after the parchment has been dried. This processing includes a double color sorting and double hand sorting stage, resulting in a cup that is crisp, clean, and full of fun flavors like vanilla, spice, and really sweet cherry.

Producer(s): Sigri Estate : Direct Trade
Origin: Waghi Valley, PNG
Varietals: Peaberry
Altitude: 1600M
Process: Kula Washed